Where Can I Download Allen Bradley's Connected Components Workbench for the Micro800

Allen Bradley's Connected Components Workbench CCW Software can be downloaded for free right off of Rockwell Automation's web site.  This is the software that you will use to program:

  • Allen Bradley Micro810 PLC 
  • Allen Bradley Micro820 PLC 
  • Allen Bradley Micro830 PLC 
  • Allen Bradley Micro850 PLC 
  • Allen Bradley Micro870 PLC
  • Allen Bradley Kinetix 3 Servo Drive
  • Numerous Allen Bradley  Powerflex drives
  • Allen Bradley MSR57
  • Allen Bradley 440C Safety Relays
  • Allen Bradley 450L Light Curtains
  • Allen Bradley Panelview 800
  • Allen Bradley Panelview Component

1.  To start with we will go to and search for “Connected Components Workbench”.



2.  The top link should be the one you are looking for.



 3.  Click the “Downloads” tab.



4.  Scroll to the bottom and click the standard download. As of this article it is “Version 10.01 Software”.



5.  You will be asked to sign in. You can register for free and no support contract is needed.



6.  Review the license agreement and if you agree with it, click the “Accept” button.



7.  Click the “Managed Download” or “Direct Download” depending on your preference, I personally use the “Direct Download” button.



8.  There are two files, you will need to download both of them.




9.  Once the downloads are complete, open up the folder you downloaded the files to and double click the EXE file.


10.  The prompts are fairly self explanatory through the installation and the default selections should work for almost all users.

Next Steps

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