Technote #13 - Wiring Color Codes for Pre-Wired Trainers

Wire Color Description Micrologix 1100 I/O Compactlogix I/O
Red +24VDC Power to Inputs Power to Inputs
Black 0VDC Common for Outputs Common for Outputs
Black of Brown Button 1 I:0/0 Local:1:I.Data.0
Brown Button 2 I:0/1 Local:1:I.Data.1
Black of Blue Button 3 I:0/2 Local:1:I.Data.2
Blue Button 4 I:0/3 Local:1:I.Data.3
Black of Green Switch 1 I:0/4 Local:1:I.Data.4
Green Switch 2 I:0/5 Local:1:I.Data.5
Black of Yellow Switch 3 Left I:0/6 Local:1:I.Data.6
Yellow Switch 3 Right I:0/7 Local:1:I.Data.7
Black of Orange Switch 4 Left I:0/8 Local:1:I.Data.8
Orange Switch 4 Right I:0/9 Local:1:I.Data.9
White of Black Light 1 O:0/0 Local:1:O.Data.0

Light 2

O:0/1 Local:1:O.Data.1
White of Red Light 3 O:0/2 Local:1:O.Data.2
Red Light 4 O:0/3 Local:1:O.Data.3