Technote #10 - How to convert our NO BUTTON motor starter panel to an START STOP

xss.pngThe following instructions are intended to convert our CP-EMS...X externally controlled motor starter panels to a CP-EMS...SS with a conversion kit provided by us. Please send an email to for details on acquiring this kit.

  1. Remove the wires connected from TB1 to A1 and TB2 to A2 and discard.
  2. Remove TB1 and TB2 and slide end anchor over to contactor.
  3. Install start stop button.  A factory install button is 1-1/2 over and 1-1/2 up from the raise border around the enclosure.
  4. Slide the contactor auxiliary onto the front of the contactor
  5. Connect the A1 wire to the A1 terminal of the contactor.
  6. Connect the L1 wire to the L1 terminal of the contactor.
  7. Connect the 5" wire from the L2 terminal of the contactor (leaving the wire that is currently landed there in place) to the A2 terminal of the contactor.