RsLogix Lesson - RsLogix, RsLinx, and Emulate 500 - Installing and configuring them.

abtrainerbuy.pngRsLogix 500, RsLinx, and Emulate 500 can be downloaded for FREE right off of Allen Bradley site at the following links. 

RsLogix 500


RsLogix Emulate 500 

This lesson works very well with our line of PLC trainers.


Download the three links circled below, which are RsLogix Micro Starter Lite and RsLogix Emulate 500.  It will ask you to sign in.  Go ahead and sign up if you don't have a login.  There is no charge to download this software.



After you have downloaded and installed the software, you must configure RsLogix to communicate with RsEmulate through RsLinx.

1.  Open up RsLinx and click Communications > Configure Drivers.



2.  Select "SLC 500 (DH485) Emulator driver".



3.  You can rename your driver, but I prefer to leave it at its default since that is what most others will have it as when you are sharing files.



4.  Set your station number.  The default of 00 usually works fine.  You can also add a station name, but it is unnecessary for basic emulation.



5.  You are now done configuring RsLinx.  You may close the Configure Drivers dialog.

6.  Open RsLogix Emulate 500, go to File > Open and select your RsLogix 500 RSS file that you want to simulate.

7.  There are a lot of settings on the screen that comes up, but the only one we need to be concerned with for basic simulation is the "Station #".  Set it to "01"



8.  Open up the file you wish to simulate in RsLogix 500.

9.  Go to Comms > System Comms...



10.  You may have more or less drivers than I do, but we only need to be concered with the EMU500-1, DH-485 driver.  Select it and you should see your simulated PLC.  Select it and click the "Online" button.



11.  An emulated PLC comes up in program mode by default so click the down arrow by "REM PROG", select Run and click yes to the verification.



12.  You are now ready to test your code.  To simulate turning on and off inputs, you can go to the input data table and write 0 and 1s into the respective bit boxes or you can right click any instruction that is assigned to the input you want to change and select "Toggle"



The emulator is a decent start to help you decide if PLC programming is for you or not but it does have its shortcomings. For example, it doesn't support online editing which is important to understand and it does not fully emulate a PLC.   If you decide you want to pursue learning about PLCs then look on eBay for a used PLC or better yet, have a look at our PLC Trainers.