RsLogix 500 Training - Going Online with a PLC

In this lesson you will go online with the PLC.  At first glance this lesson may seem simple and you may want to skip it, however it is important you understand the steps necessary to go online and see your descriptions along with your program.

This lesson assumes your trainer is still wired by the RsLogix 500 - Wiring enough of your trainer to get started lesson. and has the program you wrote for the RsLogix 500 - Downloading a program to a PLC lesson in it.  

Before you begin, close RsLogix 500.

1.  Start RsLogix 500 and click the Open icon.



2.  Open the file you created in the RsLogix 500 - Downloading a program to a PLC lesson.

 3.  Click Comms > System Comms...


4. Navigate to your PLC, highlight it, then click the "Online" button.


5.  You should now see your blank program, the green "REMOTE RUN" near the top left, and the ladder icon spinning.


If you came immediately from the previous lesson then you probably found this lesson easy.  However if it has been some time since you were last online with the PLC then you may be having trouble.  Don't forget the three important RsLinx lessons listed below.

 RsLogix 500 - Configuring RsLinx Ethernet/IP Driver to Communicate

RsLogix 500 - Configuring RsLinx Ethernet Devices Driver to Communicate

RsLogix 500 - Configuring RsLinx Serial DF1 RS-232 Driver to Communicate

And finally for those that are still struggling to connect, did you remember to plug your communications cable in between your PC and PLC?  This could be wasted hours of troubleshooting with a cable that wasn't plugged in.

Once you get back online, continue to the RsLogix 500 - What can you learn from a blank program lesson.


Next Steps

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