RsLogix 500 Training - Downloading a program to a PLC

In this lesson you will write a blank program and download it to the PLC. 

You may be tempted to add some instruction to it.  DON'T!  It plays a very important role in the coming lessons.

1.  Open up RsLogix 500 and create a new file by clicking the white icon in the top left corner of RsLogix 500.



2.  Select "Bul 1763 Micrologix 1100 Series B" as the processor type and click the OK button.



3.  In the left pane, double click on "IO Configuration".



4.  Drag the "1762-IF2OF2" from the "Current Cards Available" on the right to the #1 slot on the left.



5.  Close the I/O Configuration dialog.



6.  In the left pane, double click on "Channel Configuration".



7.  Click the "Channel 1" tab.



8.  The IP settings will be grayed out until you uncheck the "BOOTP Enable" option.



9.  Now you can enter a manual IP address.  Enter the default IP address of your trainer which is with a subnet of



10.  Go to Comms >System Comms...



11.  Navigate to the PLC via the configuration you setup in RsLinx at the beginning of this lesson.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!  As you learned in the lesson on Uploading a Program from a PLC, you Upload FROM a PLC and you download TO a PLC which is the opposite of the internet.  Click the "Download" button to send your program to the PLC.



12.  If you have not saved your program yet, you will be prompted to save it before downloading.



13.  One last chance to realize you are downloading to the PLC which will overwrite any existing code in the PLC.  Click the "Yes" button.



14.  To begin your download, the processor must be switched to Program mode.  By default your trainer is in Remote mode which allows it to be switched via RsLogix.  Make sure your PLC is in remote mode then click the "Yes" button.



15.  If your channel configuration, which is how you connect to the PLC, is different than what was in the PLC previously, you will be warned.  Make sure that the Channel Configuration is correct then click the "Apply" button.



16.  If you want to go online select the "Yes" button.



17.  Where you see "REMOTE PROG", click the down arrow to the right of it and select "Run".



18.  You will be prompted to make sure you want to switch the processor to RUN mode.  Click the "Yes" button.



19.  Your program is now downloaded and running.


Now is a good time to make sure you have the concept that you download TO a PLC and upload FROM a PLC straight.  Continue to the RsLogix 500 - Going Online with a PLC lesson.


Next Steps

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