RsLogix 500 Training - Configuring RsLinx Ethernet/IP Driver to Communicate with the Micrologix and SLC PLC

In this lesson you will go through configuring RsLinx for connecting to the Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC through the Ethernet port using Ethernet/IP.  

Before you begin, you will need to know the IP address of your PLC and set the IP address of your PC to communicate with it.  Your trainer's IP has been set to so you will need another IP address in the range of

1.  First let's see if you have the Ethernet/IP driver configured.  From your menu at the top of RsLinx, go to Communications > RsWho. Look at the pane to the left and look for a driver saying “ETHIP-1.” If you see this driver then you are all set, go and you do not need to continue following these steps.mlerslinxrswho.jpg


2.  From your menu at the top of RsLinx go to Communications > Configure Drivers… mleconfiguredrivers.jpg


3.  Under “Available Drive Type” select “Ethernet/IP Driver” and click “Add New.” The default name for the device is “ETHIP-1.” If you wish to change it you may do so now and click “OK.” Close the “Configure Drivers” dialog. 



4.  From your menu at the top of RsLinx go to Communications > RsWho. Look at the pane to the left, find your “ETHIP-1” driver, and select it. In a few moments you should now see your device in the right pane. 



5.  If you do not see the device, verify that you have followed the previous steps. If you have, then try the Ethernet Driver in the next lesson as you may have something on the network blocking the request.

Were you able to see the PLC?  If not you should look to see if you have any top of security or port blocking software on your PC that may be preventing the broadcast packets from getting through.  Once you see the PLC, continue to the RsLogix 500 - Configuring RsLinx Ethernet Devices Driver to Communicate lesson.

Next Steps

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