RsLogix 500 Training - Basic ON/OFF Control XIC XIO OTE

In this lesson you will write a program to learn the three most basic ladder logic instructions of XIC, XIO, and OTE. 

Start with the following steps:

1.  Open up RsLogix 500 and create a new file by clicking the white icon in the top left corner of RsLogix 500.



2.  Select "Bul 1763 Micrologix 1100 Series B" as the processor type and click the OK button.



3.  In the left pane, double click on "IO Configuration".



4.  Drag the "1762-IF2OF2" from the "Current Cards Available" on the right to the #1 slot on the left.



5.  Close the I/O Configuration dialog.



6.  On the user instruction toolbar, draw the Rung Icon to the left of rung 0000.  As you get close, when dragging these icons, a green square will appear where you can drop the instruction.



7.  Drag the XIC icon to the left green square.



8.  In the instruction address, type "I:0/0" and press enter.



9.  In the description, type "Switch 1" and click OK.



10.  Drag the OTE icon to the right of the rung and drop it in the green square.



11.  In the instruction address, type "O:0/0" and press enter.



12.  In the description, type "Light 1" and click OK.



13.  Drag a new rung below the one you just made.



14.  Drag an XIO to the left of the new rung.



15.  In the instruction address, type "I:0/0" and press enter.  Yes, this is the same address that was used on the XIO in the previous rung.



16.  Drag an OTE to the right of the rung.



17.  In the instruction address, type "O:0/1" and press enter.



18.  In the description, type "Light 2" and click OK.



19.  Now download your program.  Refer back to Going Online, Uploading, and Downloading lesson for instructions on how to do so.

20.  With Button 1 not pressed you should see Light 1 OFF and Light 2 ON. 



21.  With Button 1 pressed, you should see Light 1 ON and Light 2 OFF. 



You may be eager to move on to more advanced instructions and concepts but you are going to spend the next several lessons tearing these three basic instructions down and making sure you understand them and how the PLC handles them.  Continue to the RsLogix 500 - What do the GREEN Highlights Mean on the Instructions lesson.


Next Steps

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