PLC Training - Wiring Enough of your Trainer to Get Started

A feature of this trainer is that it is designed to teach both PLC wiring and programming.  This means it comes unwired and you must make the connections between the PLC and the devices.

In the real world, the wiring would be determined by the machine design, but for your first lessons you will use the following diagram.  For now, don’t worry about using a specific wire color for a specific connection. You will learn more about that later.


If you have wired your trainer correctly, then the following should happen.

  • Pressing Button 1 illuminates Light 1
  • Pressing Button 2 illuminates Light 2
  • Pressing Button 3 illuminates Light 3
  • Pressing Button 4 illuminates Light 4
  • Placing Switch 1 in the right position will will cause the lights to illuminate in sequence for 1 second each, starting with green, then yellow, then red, then blue, then repeat starting with green.


Did yours work as expected?  If not go back and find the problem.  If you get stumped don't forget that we are here to help.  Once yours works correctly, you will be ready to start your PLC training series:

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