PLC Training - Notes to Students

Congratulations on starting your journey into a very exciting field.  Whether you are fresh out of high school or a veteran electrician looking to add PLC troubleshooting to your skill set. We are excited to help you meet your goals!

success.jpgThese exercises are designed to be self paced.  Some will be a breeze to you, others will take time.  Don’t compare yourself to the people around. There is a tremendous amount to learn in the exercises beyond simply finishing them.  You’ll get frustrated at times and that is normal. The best learning happens when you are right on the edge of frustration.

Good luck and feel free to reach out to us as questions arise during the lessons.  Next let's talk about the tools and hardware that you will need to get started in our PLC Training - What should be in my PLC programming laptop backpack? - Tools, PC, programming cables lesson.


Next Steps


Go to the PLC Training Getting Started Lesson series to select your next lesson.  There are also many other Lesson Series on PLC Programming and Industrial Automation.