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img-20180602-172736-332.jpgHi!  We are Tim and Amber, two individuals who have a passion for helping people reach their goals. 

We work together, parent together, and somehow manage to still live together.  Nothing makes us happier than knowing that we have helped someone advance their career, get a broken machine back going, or even hearing that a future "competitor" just started their automation company with our help.

A little more about Tim

I grew up in my dad's machine shop, learning machining and fabrication before I could drive.  About the time I turned 18, companies began wanting machines to come in "turnkey" where as previously a machine shop would've built the mechanical equipment, an electrical company would've wired it, and then it would've been a another companies responsibility to program it.  Now this approach is commonly known as mechatronics. But back then it was a very foreign concept.

The first PLC I programmed was an Aromat brick.  It took me 4 hours to write 4 simple lines of code.  I was sure there had to be a better way to do this.  Looking back at that first program, I could see the tools I needed to do a better job. 

•A good instruction guide.  The documentation that came with that PLC wasn't great and this was before the days of Google. 

•Label everything.  Every single address you use needs a label even if you are sure that you know exactly what it does. 

•A grasp of how a PLC actually scans and executes code.  

•To know some methods of sequencing through basic machine steps.  

A little more about Amber

I married into this industry.  And like many of you may be feeling, it did not come easy.  STICK WITH IT!  

Many people ask "So what do you do at TW Controls, answer the phone, the accounting?"  Nope, you can find me building control panels, testing products, and making sure everything that goes out the door is right.  In my time here I've found the following is important.

•Clear step by step instructions

•Clear pictures

•Stop with all the acronyms

• Share personal experiences that have helped on the way

These are the things that we have worked hard to provide you in these lessons.

Good luck and if you have any suggestions send us an email to

Next we have some special notes for instructors and employers in our PLC Training - Notes to Instructors and Employers lesson. 

Next Steps

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