PLC Training - 44 Questions and Answers about PLC Programming! Part 2

More answers to your questions about PLC Programming and Industrial Automation.

Building on our popular 44 Questions and Answers about PLC Programming! Part 1, we answer more of your questions about PLC Programming and Industrial Automation.

Below are the questions we answer in Part 2 of this video series plus links we recommended in the video.  Would you like to see a Part 3?  Send your questions to

Question 1

How about for someone trying to break into the field with no work experience involving PLCs or electrical equipment? I'm an operator at a plant where automation is everywhere, I have experience operating the equipment but beyond that I have a very basic understanding of the PLC systems.  A local community college offers an automated industrial technology associates, where they give you hands on experience on mechatronics and programmable controls. Would that be a good place to start?

Question 2

Given the improvements to Connected Components Workbench over the years, has your opinion of it and the Micro800 line changed?

Question 3

Why are there so many revisions of Studio 5000? Does Rockwell Automation just do this to make us upgrade every year?

Question 4

Do I need a special type of cable to connect to the USB on a Controllogix or Compactlogix PLC?

Question 5

Can you address HMI programming and incorporating them into PLC programs?

Video series coming soon.

Question 6

I really want to learn Studio 5000 but don't have access to the software. Should I buy it?

Question 7

Your videos are great, do you offer any in person training?

Question 8

Can you make a video about smart relays?

Question 9

Can you show me how a PID works?

Video series coming soon.

Question 10

Can you show how to plan a control panel layout?

Video coming soon.

Question 11

I need to learn about Twincat.

Question 12

Can you slow down the read unknown IP address feature when plugging the PLC Tools SIM-IPE into an Ethernet switch?

Question 13

If I understand correctly, your bad meter will never measure milliamps again. Is my thinking correct?

Question 14 

Thank you Tim, I recently started learning and understanding PLC and specially CCW. Your videos are a huge help to me. I really appreciate what you're doing.

P.S. just a suggestion: I barely can find any order in your videos for learner like me. Would you please make an order for them or give a number to each videos as a session. That makes it significantly easy for us to learn your training step by step.

Send your suggestions to

Question 15

I'm a maintenance technician and I've noticed that the programmers make more money. Can you trainer help me start programming PLCs?

Question 16

Do we really need more women in automation? Haven't they dumb down enough professions?

Question 17

 Can you tell me how to wire sinking and sourcing inputs?

Question 18

I only have single phase at my shop and I need to run a 3 phase machine.

Question 19

You should have used a bigger motor in your motor tear down video, kind of puny.

Question 20

Can you go through the basics of how a multimeter works?

Question 21

Why were there only 44 questions about PLCs in part 1?

Question 22

I need your help. How can i reach you privately?

Question 23

I noticed your trainers now have Allen Bradley Powerflex 525 drives. Are you going to make lessons for them?

Lesson series coming soon.

Question 24

How much money do you get for your scrap copper?

Question 25

Can you do a video on Modbus?

Question 26

Do you have a trainer that will teach my maintenance technicians the basics but not go too deep? We don't want them dabbling in the PLC code plus if we train them too much then they end up leaving us for other companies.

Question 27

What do you think of paid online courses such as Udemy? Also a similar question, why don't you put your courses on Udemy?

Question 28

Which leads into the next question. How do you make money giving your lessons away for free for anyone including your competitors?

Question 29

I’m new to PLCs and I did my first project. It didn’t go as well as it should have and they had to bring someone in to finish it. The project manager told me I should probably look for a different profession, that I didn’t have what it took to program PLCs.

Video coming soon.

Question 30

Hi, Thank you for your excellent videos. Do you know if the standard version of CCW lets simulate?

Question 31

Could you please do a video to show how to use interrupts?

Video coming soon.

Question 32

About how much does a plc programmer make?

Video coming soon.

Question 33

Do you know the default ip address for the 1769-L33ER controller?

Question 34

Could you provide a Siemens PLC videos series please?

Question 35

What electrical drawing software do you use?

Question 36

Is it possible to do videos on real life application such as food, beverage or mining?

Question 37

What printer are you using for wire labels? What is the price of 1 label?

Question 38

Where can I find the drawings for your control panels?

Question 39

What is the PLC for the Dallas area?

Question 40

Why analog card reads the signal as a voltage instead of current?

How PLC reads a 4-20mA signal with a voltage input.

Video coming soon on why we use voltage to read current.

Question 41

Any one else randomly get this video on auto play?

Question 42

Thinking of starting my own business, do you offer consulting or training?

Question 43

Could you elaborate a little bit on backfeeding a three phase transformer?

How to wire the primary and secondary of a transformer.

Backfeeding a three phase transformer to make 480VAC.

How to make a basic transformer.  

Video coming soon on how to back feed transformer.

Question 44

How much does a control panel cost?