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These FREE lessons about PLCs and industrial electrical control panels are intended to be used with our trainers.  While they are not required for using these lessons, you may find them helpful.

 Trainer Compatibility Basic Analog Industrial

Basic Fundamentals   

Getting familiar with your trainer  check.png  check.png  check.png
Warnings and precautions before you get started  check.png  check.png  check.png
What is industrial automation  check.png  check.png  check.png
What is a control panel
  check.png   check.png   check.png
Lockout Tagout (LOTO)   check.png   check.png   check.png
Understanding voltage (AC and DC), current, resistance, and power   check.png   check.png   check.png
Using a voltmeter or multimeter   check.png   check.png   check.png
Identifying industrial control components   check.png   check.png   check.png
Reading wiring diagrams and understanding electrical symbols   check.png   check.png   check.png

Wiring for beginners   

What is the NEC and NFPA 70    check.png    check.png    check.png
What is a conductor   check.png   check.png   check.png
Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC)   check.png   check.png   check.png
Electrical contacts - Normally open and normally closed contacts - Wiring push buttons and selector switches to lights    check.png   check.png   check.png
Series and parallel wiring   check.png  check.png   check.png 
2 wire control of relays and contactors  check.png   check.png   check.png 
3 wire control of relays and contactors - Start Stop Circuit  check.png   check.png    check.png
Analog Circuits.  Voltage 0-10VDC, Current Source and Current Loop 4-20mA     check.png   check.png

AC Drives   

What is a drive       check.png
Motor Poles and RPMs       check.png
Power and motor wiring      check.png 
Single phase in three phase out using a drive      check.png 
Single phase in three phase out without using a drive      check.png 
2 wire control   check.png  check.png   check.png 
3 wire control  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Multispeed      check.png 
Relay output      check.png 
Analog speed    check.png   check.png 
Analog display     check.png  check.png 

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)   

Getting started   check.png  check.png   check.png 
What is a PLC or PLC   check.png  check.png   check.png 
Downloading and installing RsLogix 500 and RsLinx - This lesson will take you through the steps for downloading the free version of RsLogix 500 and RsLinx.  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Connecting to the PLC - This lesson will take you through connecting to an Allen Bradley PLC over Ethernet and serial connections as well.  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Downloading and installing the Allen Bradley Connected Components Workbench - This lesson will take you through the steps for downloading the free version of Connected Components Workbench for the Allen Bradley Micro 820. check.png  check.png  check.png 
Allen Bradley Micro 820 Connected Components Workbench CCW Software Going Online check.png  check.png  check.png 
Understanding PLC scans  check.png   check.png   check.png 
What are examples of inputs and outputs  check.png    check.png  check.png 
Wiring inputs and outputs. Sinking, sourcing, PNP, NPN   check.png   check.png  check.png 

Ladder Logic Instructions   

Basic instructions - XIC, XIO, OTE  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Latching - OTL, OTU  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Timers - TON, TOF, RTO  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Counters - CTU, CTD  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Start Stop Motor Programming  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Sequencing Machine Steps  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Analog, encoders, and PID    check.png   check.png 
Types of analog circuits. 0-10VDC, 4-20mA, 2 wire loop powered, 4 wire current source, and how to wire them    check.png   check.png 
Analog scaling    check.png   check.png 
Making decisions based off of analog signals without PIDs    check.png   check.png 
Encoder fundamentals and how to wire them to PLC inputs    check.png   check.png 
Calculating the rate (speed) and distance based off of an encoder signal    check.png   check.png 
P, PI, and PID     check.png   check.png
Program scans   check.png  check.png   check.png 
Power cycle's effect on PLCs  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Timed program scans  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Event driven program scans   check.png  check.png   check.png 

Other exercises   

PLC flasher  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Flip Flop  check.png    check.png  check.png 

Other concepts that will be needed occasionally when working in industrial controls   


Capacitor color codes and how to check   check.png  check.png   check.png 
Resistor color codes  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Voltage dividers  check.png   check.png   check.png 


Motor amps for 120VAC 1 phase 60hz electric motors  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Motor amps for 230VAC and 460VAC 3 phase 60hz electric motors  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Conduit sizing - Maximum Number of Conductors in Conduit  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Wire size for 240VAC leg to leg or 120VAC leg to neutral when considering voltage drop  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Wire size for 480VAC leg to leg or 277VAC leg to neutral when considering voltage drop  check.png   check.png   check.png 
Typical wiring color codes   check.png   check.png  check.png 


In addition to these lessons, we have many other great articles and videos we hope you will find helpful.