How to Set an IP Address of a DHCP Device without a DHCP Server

The easiest way to set the IP address in this situation is with our IP Explorer.

With a typical DHCP setup you would have a PC, a PLC, and a DHCP server all connected over Ethernet.


The PC and PLC would request and IP address and the DHCP server would assign one to each of them. Without a DHCP server present, the PC and PLC will assign themselves an IP address. If the Micro 820 does not detect a DHCP server in 15 seconds, it will assign an IP Address to its Ethernet port of 169.254.XXX.XXX, the last octets being random. Your PC will also assign a an IP address of 169.254.XXX.XXX with the last two octets being random if no DHCP server is found also. Times will vary on PCs but it took my PC about 60 seconds to determine that there was no DHCP server and assign an IP address itself.