How to run the Allen Bradley PCIS software under Windows XP - Configuring DosBox

Using DosBox and WinXP together to run Allen Bradley PCIS software, this is for communicating to an SLC100 or 150 and using an PCC cable.

There are several versions of this cable, the adapter is an RS232 to RS422 cable, make sure your cable has the
adapter on the end, otherwise you will have issues.  You may purchase our serial 1745-PCC HERE or our USB 1745-PCC HERE.

Also read this its from a forum that has a ton of information, this is about the PCC cable, post 30 is about the Com setting of DosBox

Down load DOSBox and install it you can find it here, I am running .72

You can download the PCIS software HERE and the PCIS user manuals can be found HERE

This is what your status screen should look like, note the Serial port is opened and at com1 (you must have a real serial port on your PC)


Place your PCIS file on you root directory as you will need to access the exe from the PCIS program

Double click your short cut on your desktop if you installed one or open the program, at the Z prompt (Z:\>)

Type “mount c c:\YourDirectory (note mine is in a folder that I created called AB_PCIS)


Then type c:\ and hit enter, this will change your prompt to c:\

Type dir and hit enter, this will show you your files that you have in that folder and now this is considered your c:\ drive


I have another folder inside of that one so I must change directory again to access that one, I type cd pcis

This is for cd (change directory) and the folder pcis that is inside that directory


Now type PCIS and this will run that exe file PCIS

If everything is running correctly your should see the screen below and your PCIS software is running


To test communication push f4 and this will tell you if you are communicating or not