How to install our USB driver (except 1747-UIC)

There are several ways of installing the USB drivers and USB communication software needed for the USB to serial adapter. The best procedure is auto loading using Windows. Follow the listed procedure, once done skip to the last procedure ‘determining your COM port number.

Auto loading the drivers.
1) There are several ways of installing the USB drivers, the easiest way is plug in the USB adapter into your USB port, once Windows detects the new hardware it will prompt you for the CD, insert the CD and point the software to your appropriate drive (location of the CD)

Determining your COM port number and/or changing the address

In your Control Panel, double click your System icon.



Now open the Hardware tab



Now click on the Device Manager button



Now under Ports, notice that our USB port is on port 4 (Koyo USB-Serial Comm Port), Some PLC programs will
not allow you to use anything higher then COM4 , note: We have many other cable types so some are called
CP210x and many others, when installed correctly you can unplug your cable and it will disappear from your device
manager, then just plug it back in and you can see what its call and the comport number used.



Changing the address of your com port

Double click on the Com port number you want to change, then click the port settings tab then the Advanced tab.


You can see that you must choose a port that is free, depending on what software you are running and what
hardware you have your ports may be used by them.