Red Lion - How to download a program to a Red Lion HMI with the Crimson software

The easiest ways to download your program from your PC to your HMI is with a USB or an Ethernet cable.  To the right is a video that shows the same step by step instructions below.

To download your program using the USB method you will need a USB A to B cable such as THIS one.

To download your program using the Ethernet method you will need a standard Ethernet patch cable such as THIS one.

1.  Open your program using the Crimson software.

2.  Go to Link then select Options...


3.  Then either select USB to download via USB or TCP/IP to download via Ethernet then click OK.  Your PC's Ethernet must be configured properly to communicate with the HMI.

crimsondownload2.png crimsondownload3.png

4.  Go back to Link and click Update or alternately you can press F9.