How to configure the 1747-PIC to connect to a SLC 500, SLC 5/01, or SLC 5/02

Setting up a PIC driver for Allen Bradley PLC’s

This is used for SLC 500, SLC 501, SLC 502, you will need a 1747-PIC cable or equivalent.  You can purchase our replacement cable HERE.  Also note that the 1747-PIC only works with a laptop that has a real serial port.  If you need an option that works with USB, look at our 1747-UIC

Open RSLinx launch control Start/Rockwell/RSLinx/RSLinx Control Panel


After is opens make sure that the box is not check see below


Next open RSLinx if it is not and click on the configure drivers icon , when using the PIC I always stop the other drivers (not sure if you need to, but I do)

Then add the driver for 1747-PIC, click on it then select add new


Next a screen will pop up make a name for you driver


Next a popup screen with the settings for configuration will come up, the default settings work for me...yours may be a little different


Now you have created you driver, it should show your new PIC as running


Now close the configure screen and open the RSWho icon and click on the + sign next to your new PIC driver (MY-PIC) and check communications, it will show your PC and the PLC on the right side of the screen if your driver and cable are working correctly...