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How can I get a quote, order by phone, or pay by check?

The process for getting a quote, ordering by phone, or paying by check is the same.

We strongly urge you to use our online checkout system.  We believe it is easy to use and safe.  It is also the fastest and most accurate way to have your order processed.  VERBAL ORDERS ARE NOT IMMEDIATELY PROCESSED!

However we understand you may have concerns about transferring financial data over the internet.  In addition to our online payment options, we do accept credit card information by phone or you may mail us a check, but ONLY after you go through the online checkout process.  

There will be an option under payment method called "Quote / Check / Phone Order".  Select this option and proceed with the checkout process.  You will be given an order number at the end of the checkout process.  Have this order number handy when you call, the number to call is 1-540-765-2770.


By Tim Wilborne