Getting familiar with your trainer

Before powering up your trainer you should take a few minutes to become familiar with the components on it.


Click images to the right to bring up larger views.

1. Push Button - Your trainer comes with four push buttons.  A green, yellow, and blue momentary push button and a red maintained mushroom button (note image does not show mushroom button).  Each button has two normally open (NO) contacts and two normally closed (NC) contacts.  The normally open contacts are color coded green and the normally closed contacts are color coded red on the back of the trainer.

2. Selector Switch 2 Position - Your trainer has two 2 position selector switches.  There is a normally open contact on each selector switch that closes when you turn the switch to the right (clockwise).

3. Selector Switch 3 Position - Your trainer has two 3 position selector switches.  There is a normally open contact for both the left and right position of the selector switch.

4. Lights - Your trainer has four lights colored green, yellow, red, and blue.

5. Analog Potentiometer and Gauge - Your trainer has a 10K potentiometer and a 4-20mA analog gauge.

6. Contactor Relay - Your trainer has one contactor/relay which is an open style so you can see how it works.  It is a double pole double throw which means it has two sets of contacts with both normally open and normally closed positions.


7. AC Drive - Your trainer has a AC inverter drive which takes 120VAC in and creates 240VAC 3 phase out so this trainer can be used to learn about 3 phase power yet plugs into a standard wall outlet.

8. 24VDC Power Supply - Your trainer comes with a 24VDC 50 watt switching power supply.  The trainer is designed for all switches, lights, relay/contactor, and even the heater to be powered by 24VDC making it much safer than 120VAC trainers.

9. 3 Phase Motor/Fan - Your trainer comes with a 3 phase fan.  It along with the item 7 AC drive allows for 3 phase principles to be taught when only 120VAC wall outlet power is available.

10. Heater and Thermocouple - Your trainer includes a 24VDC heater and type J thermocouple.  The item 6 relay/contactor can be used to switch the heater on and off.  WARNING!  If your trainer came with one of our optional PLCs do not connect this heater directly to one of the PLCs outputs as its current draw is greater than the current rating of most PLC outputs.  Connect the heater to the item 6 relay/contactor and connect your PLC output to the relay contactors coil.  There are instructions on doing this in later lessons.

11. Thermocouple to 4-20mA converter - Many economical PLCs do not have thermocouple inputs available but do have 4-20mA analog inputs so we have included this converter to convert the temperature of item 10's thermocouple to a 4-20mA signal.  If your PLC only has 0-10VDC, don't worry, we have a lesson later on connecting a 4-20mA signal to a 0-10VDC input.

12. Terminal blocks - To make your trainer more realistic, we have included terminal blocks for connecting to the 24VDC power supply and the heater.  You may add more as you customize your trainer.

13. Optional PLC - We have several optional PLCs or you may add your own.  There are lessons later on wiring other components to your PLC and programming it.  Lessons are written for Allen Bradley but can easily be followed for use with other PLCs such as Automation Direct, Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, etc.