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Drivers, Software, and Manuals

PLC Cable drivers

This is everything that is included on the CD 

Click here to download the CD's contents.

PLC Cable driver installation instructions

USB driver except UIC - This includes the 1747-CP3, 1761-CBL-PM02, 2711-NC13, and our USB to serial adapter


PLC Cable configuration

RsLinx DF1 configuration - Used with the 1747-CP3, 1761-CBL-PM02, and 2711-NC13

1747-UIC on a 32 bit PC (Video)

1747-UIC on a 64 bit PC (Video)

PLC Tools software

SIM-SUS installation software

SIM-SUS executable (run without installing)

PLC Tools user manuals

SIM-IPE manual

SIM-ALD manual

SIM-ALP manual

SIM-ALP2 manual

SIM-ALS manual

SIM-E5V manual

SIM-EOC manual

SIM-S24 manual

SIM-S5V manual

SIM-SOC manual

SIM-SUS manual

SIM-TRT manual

SIM-TRTD manual

Older manuals

SIM-ALP2 series A (prior to 06/2015)

SIM-IPE series A (prior to 02/2014)