Configuring RsLinx Ethernet Devices Driver to Communicate with an Allen Bradley PLC

If you prefer a step by step video

The Allen Bradley RsLinx Ethernet devices driver is not plug and play like the Ethernet/IP driver. You must configure the IP Addresses you wish RsLinx to look for devices on.

  1. From your menu at the top of RsLinx go to Communications > Configure Drivers… mleconfiguredrivers.jpg
  2. Under “Available Drive Type” select “Ethernet Devices” and click “Add New.” The default name for the device is “AB_ETH-1.” If you wish to change it you may do so now and click “OK.” mleimage018.jpg
  3. Now you will see the “Station Mapping dialog come up mleimage020.jpg
  4. Enter the IP Address of your device and click “OK” mleimage022.jpg
  5. From you menu at the top of RsLinx go to Communications > RsWho. Look at the pane to the left, find your “ABETH-1” driver, and select it. In a few moments you should now see your device in the right pane. mlerslinxrswho.jpg


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