44 Questions and Answers about PLC Programming

Posted by Tim on Sep 21 2018

44 Questions and Answers about PLC Programming

Q1 Why don't you do Q&As?

A1 I answer questions that are sent to me everyday.

Q2 Follow up question: Why not?

A2 I didn't think anyone would find it interesting but let's give it a shot. Here are some recent questions.

Q3 I need a communication cable and software.

A3 I need a little more information. We sell lots of cables and can help you find your software.


Q4 Could you help me to learn PLC programming for Allen Bradley?

A4 Sure. We have lots of great articles and a new lesson series on RsLogix. See link below.


Q5 I tried downloading and it loads the old program when I cycle power.

A5 Sounds like you're PLC has a backup eeprom. Remove it or write you're new program to the eeprom as well.

Q6 My teacher tells me when the power is off for a TOF timer, the EN is still on, but every video I watch it's off.

A6 Get a new teacher. I'm only kidding, seriously, don't argue with your teacher. Show them one of our exercises and ask them how it works. A lot of these concepts are misunderstood. Teachers feel free to contact me, I've got your back.


Q7 Any plans on new instructional videos?

A7 Absolutely but sometimes it is hard to come up with ideas, give me some. Also don't forget to subscribe to our channel so you can be the first to know about new video releases.


Q8 Are these panels built and wired in the field or are they built in a factory and an electrician just comes along and wires electrical supply? Who installs and configures the digital and analog field devices/PLC ? I'm very interested in this field of Control and Automation, just trying to figure out where to start.

A8 That is an in depth question, send me an email.


Q9 Great work mate. I like the practical and diagram explanation. Now I just need to work our what a NO/NC Relay is.

A9 What a coincidence, I've got an article about that. See link below.



Q10 Where can I find the video of just that woman dancing in the green background?

A10 Google...for those of you who are wondering what they are talking about check out our Introduction to Electrical Control Panels including PLCs and HMIs video.


Q11 Hi Tim. Great video! Could you explain the basics of Star and Delta wiring, and show how and why these wiring applications are used.

A11 Sure thing, check out this article.


Q12 What is the purpose of (12) Ammonia and (13) Phosphorus and (39)?

A12 I think you have the wrong guy.

Q13 Informative but I am a Mac user

A13 I'm not aware of any PLC software that will run on Mac though I have heard of users running Virtualbox on a Mac with a guest Windows operating system. But you can buy a Windows PC that can run PLC programming sottware for $100 on eBay, do you really have to use your Mac?

Q14 Hi... great video....can you help me with analog inputs and outputs?

A14 We sure can, check out the following three articles to get you started. They are supposed to be released in the next week or two so keep an eye on the following link.


Q15 Another comment about our Introduction to Electrical Control Panels including PLCs and HMIs video. Lighted e stop... still they don't know.

A15 Yes, but at least we did our best to show them the EStop was pressed.


Q16 You might want to switch the E-stop to a push-on twist-to-release unit with a yellow background.

A16 An excellent idea which we now do on our control panels.


Q17 Dude slow down

A17 You have a pause button and a rewind button. Do they call it rewind on Youtube. But honestly, I know I'm going to get reamed for saying this on Youtube but you are not going to learn how to program PLCs simply by watching videos. Get you a PLC and practice practice practice.


Q18 When i try to put the .rss file to emulate 500, a message appears saying "This SLC500 must be compiled before it can be emulated", what i can do with this?

A18 In RsLogix click the Verify Project, then save the RSS and try again

Q19 Hey Tim , you rock man. You get your message delivered across so simple and interesting. Two thumbs up.

A19 Thanks, I think you rock too!

Q20 You WERE very excited about this Teamviewer because you talked 1000 miles per hour!..

A20 I do get excited about Teamviewer.

Q21 Tim. I'm new to programming and learning. Does the 810 have an internal relay, cant seem to find it?

A21 You can use a BOOL data type for an internal relay.

Q22 You motivated me to shift my microcontroller business to PLC controls.

A22 Ah another lost soul brought into the light.

Q23 Can you help me with my homework

A23 I could but you wouldn't be able to afford it. Better idea, why don't you do your homework so students won't be able to afford your rates.


Q24 Will this free download of RsLogix 500 allow me to access the programs on a MicroLogix1400? I have the MicroLite version and I can only access the 1100

A24 No, you will need the paid Micro version of RsLogix 500 for the Micrologix 1400.

Q25 Ty you guys are awesome I’ve only been wiring for about a year. Just subscribed. Love your show!

A25 You are awesome too. How about you, as in the person watching this video. Have you subscribed yet?


Q26 Great video,so what can cause the motor to trip on the starter switch overload

A26 It could mean you have a motor going bad but check for some type of mechanical bind that could be causing the motor to pull too many amps.

Q27 New to controls. Can you tell me the difference between 0-10Vdc and 2-10Vdc and why you would benefit one over the other?

A27 2 volts. But seriously 2 to 10 VDC happens to equate to a milliamp signal so check out this article.


Q28 Where I worked they used 110 control voltage guess they didn't care about the operator.

A28 I wouldn't say that. While 24 volt is safer 120 volt was an older standard. Change takes time.

Q29 What are the steps I need to take to land a job working with PLC's and motor controls?

A29 If your company is paying for it then you need to buy one of our trainers. If you have a wife and a baby on the way then give me a call and let's see what is the best short term plan.


Q30 I'm watching your video while reading my school book. Makes sense thanks for showing how it works on the programming. Yea slow down a little bit, I can sit through a 20 min video.

A30 Statistically you can't retain information about programming.


Q31 How can we get single phase 230 vac from 480 vac three phase north american supply?

A31 You will need a transformer between two of your 480 volt legs, and I don't mean Optimus Prime.

Q32 Instruction clearer. i killed my teacher

A32 Oh dear, I hope that is a Google translate error.

Q33 PLC videos are really boring in general, this is less sleepy than most, thanks!

A33 Thank you, I drink lots of coffee to try to keep them upbeat.


Q34 Why did they hide the TT bit

A34 I don't really know but it is good you realize they did. For those of you haven't seen the lesson they are talking about the timer, see link below.


Q35 Hi, excellent video congratulations, one question please, which software do you use to do electrical design and panel building, Thank you.

A35 Mostly plain Autocad, like 2010 but I've also used Sketchup and even seen people use Google Drawings. Don't invest a lot of money in drawing software unless you are drawing daily.

Q36 Can you made video on how to diagnoses control panel?

A36 I like it. Put more information in the comments on what you think this should consist of.

Q37 I didn't find SLC 5/02, 5/03, 5/04....processors in RSLogix Micro starter Lite... plz help me

A37 No, you will need a paid version of RsLogix 500 above the Micro version.


Q38 Mr. you have a open cabinet with 480 volts and you are not wearing any protection equipment!!!

A38 It's true, I risked my life to bring you this great content.

Q39 Don't be a DA like me and use a cross over cable on that DH-485 port for the older 1747-UIC models.

A39 Yep, that will let me magic smoke out. So will connecting a UIC to 5/05. Make sure you know what cable you should be using.


Q40 Do you know if the SIM-IPE will read the IP address of a Allen Bradley SLC-5/05?

A40 Yes it will, see link below.


Q41 I have pressed the reset button 20 times and the machine still will not run

A41 You might want to consider a new strategy.

Q42 I have a dell laptop

A42 Sweet. I have a Dell laptop too. But I've never seen a brand that didn't work well for PLC programming.

Q43 Thank you for re sensitizing me

A43 I'm going to guess this is another Google Translate error.

Q44 This one is for you viewer. Did you find this this Q and A session helpful? If so comment below. Is there is enough response then we'll do this again.

A44 Leave us feedback and questions for the next round.