Application Examples

Technical notes and application examples about our automation products and UL 508 control panels.

apalp2a.pngPLC Tools SIM-ALP2 Analog simulator - Can simulate a 4-20 mA 2 wire current loop, a 4-20mA 4 wire current source, and a 0-10VDC voltage source


apeoc.pngPLC Tools Encoder/Servo Simulators including the SIM-E5V, SIM-EOC, SIM-S24, SIM-S5V, SIM-SOC, and SIM-SUS - Designed to simulate encoder and servo signals to motion controllers, high speed counters, and other pulse generator applications.


apipe.pngPLC Tools SIM-IPE IP Explorer - Discover IP addresses, assign IP addresses via BOOTP or DHCP, and on Ethernet/IP enabled devices, set IP addresses to static and replace static IP addresses.


Here are some examples of UL 508A control panels.

We are a certified UL508A panel shop capable of building panels per your drawings or developing a custom panel to fit your application.

Each custom control panel we build's functionality is videoed and sent to the customer for them to review before it leaves our shop.  While these are rough uncut videos, they are good examples of various types of industrial control panels.

Learn more about building industrial control panels in our UL 508A Control Panels training course.