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Analog Simulator and Generator with LCD +/- 0-10VDC and 4-20mA

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Product Description

The SIM-ALP2 can simulate a 2 wire 4-20 mA loop powered device, a 4 wire 4-20mA current source without an external power supply, or a 0-10VDC signal without an external power supply.

Simulating is easy in 1 mA/V or 0.1 mA/V increments by simply clicking the up and down buttons.  Each point can be individually calibrated to suit your needs.

With a range of 0-22mA and -10VDC to +10VDC, it can also simulate over and under range conditions.

Comes with carrying case and alligator leads.

Great value when you don't need an expensive calibrator such as a Fluke 707.

Click here to view the user manual.


  • Functionality 
    • 0-22 mA 2-Wire Device 
    • 0-22 mA Current Source 
    • +/-0-10 V Voltage Source 
  • Power Supply 
    • Internal Power
      • Battery 2xAA 
      • Ni-MH or Alkaline 
    • 2-Wire Current
      • 12-30V DC External Power 
  • Current Output 
    • Output Range 0mA to 22mA 
    • Fixed Steps of 0.1mA or 1mA increments 
    • Output Accuracy ±1% of full scale 
    • Load Range 0-500 Ohm 
  • Voltage Output 
    • Output Range -10V to 10V 
    • Fixed Steps 0f 0.1V or 1V increments 
    • Output Accuracy ±1% of full scale 
    • Minimum Load 20kOhm 
  • Protection
    • Reverse Polarity, 
    • Over-current, Open Wire, 
    • Excessive Loop Voltage

Product Videos

Simulating a current source with the SIM-ALP2 4-20mA generator

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  • Simulating a 4...
    Use the Analog Simulator for 4-20mA current sources or loops a...

Other Details

Analog Output Current:
4-20mA, 0-22mA

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